Whether you’re sipping your iced coffee on the go or enjoying it from the comfort of home, the right cup is key. That’s because insulated cups can prevent the ice from melting and watering down your drink, and they also help to keep it colder longer. So, if you’re tired of having your iced coffee melt in your hands or having to refill it over and over again, consider investing in one of these stylish reusable iced coffee cups.

These insulated cups can be made from glass or BPA-free plastic, and many have leakproof lids and straw openings for easy drinking. They’re also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. And if you’re looking to cut out waste, look for a cup that’s made from recycled materials or is completely recyclable itself (like PET, which is commonly identified by its resin ID number of #1).

Another important thing to think about when choosing an insulated iced coffee cup is how big you want it to be. Some have larger capacities for people who like to carry more than just their iced coffee, while others are small enough to fit into backpacks and purses for easy transport on the go. You’ll also need to decide if you prefer a flip lid or trigger-action opening, a straw lid, and if it needs to be leakproof.

Some insulated iced coffee cups are simple tumblers you might use for juice or water, while others have unique shapes that make them stand out. One popular option is this insulated glass mug from Amazon’s customer favorite brand, which has thousands of five-star reviews and features a double-walled design that keeps drinks cooler longer. It also comes with a reusable straw and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

For a more minimalist option, this insulated iced coffee cup from Frank Green is made with borosilicate glass that’s sweat-proof and durable, and the bamboo lid features silicone accents for a comfortable grip. It’s also a top-rack dishwasher safe and comes in multiple colors, so you can find the perfect one to express your style.

While the iced coffee-cup dilemma might seem petty, it’s an important reminder that not all takeaway containers are created equal. For example, popular US coffee chain Blue Bottle discovered this fall that its single-use paper cups — typically reserved for hot beverages — aren’t ideal for iced coffees, because the cold temperatures cause condensation that can weaken the paper’s structural integrity. Fortunately, the company is now switching to new insulated iced cups that will solve this issue. Hopefully, other companies will follow suit and ditch the old paper-and-plastic combos.