Transparent communication is essential to any team’s success and productivity. But, keeping everyone updated with company-wide information can quickly become a complex task without the right tools.

This is where an employee communication app comes in. These handy solutions make it easy to deliver news and updates at scale—while also encouraging employee engagement in the process.

Personalized Content Experiences

Employees want digital experiences in the workplace to match those of their personal lives. A well-designed communication app can offer a streamlined, relevant experience that helps employees feel like they’re part of a team.

Personalized experiences can also increase engagement with your brand’s content and boost loyalty to its products. For example, a company app might allow users to access exclusive discounts and promotional offers that are only available to members.

Using an internal communications app, it’s easy to keep on-the-go employees in the know. Many solutions such as Harmony, a mobile-first employee communications platform, enable communicators to use AI-enabled insights and customizable mobile feeds to send impactful messages that speak directly to employees’ interests. And since the solution integrates with user management tools, it’s simple to customize email distribution lists for different audience segments. This enables the system to automatically provide relevant content in an employee-facing app.

Easy Access to Information

For frontline workers, especially, an employee communication app is a game-changer. They’re often disconnected from colleagues due to working remotely, and email inboxes and company websites aren’t the best tools for delivering news and updates.

With an employee app, everyone has immediate access to the most relevant information, wherever they are. Employee app content can be tailored to specific audiences (customized by region, division or team), and app users receive push notifications to instantly deliver important information.

Additionally, an employee app provides a safe place for employees to discuss issues that might be sensitive or confidential in the workplace. This instant messaging feature helps foster a more cohesive work culture, and it’s also free for all employees, unlike SMS messages on their mobile phones that could incur expensive data charges. It’s no wonder that team communication apps are rapidly becoming the go-to solution for small and large businesses alike.

Real-Time Feedback

When choosing an employee communication app, look for one that allows you to get immediate feedback from employees on the content they see. This kind of feature helps ensure that the information you’re sharing is relevant to their interests and that your communications are effective.

In addition to enabling free instant messaging, find an employee communication app that offers the ability to conduct live group audio or video calls for more formal meetings. Those features can help reduce digital overload by connecting people face to face without them having to login into multiple different workplace tools or apps.

Also consider if the app has integration capabilities that allow it to be used with your other collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack. This is especially useful for frontline workers, who may not have access to company email or a desk. When you can use the same platform to share news and information with them, it’s a great way to increase adoption rates for your employee communication app.

Convenient Collaboration

The right employee communication app makes it easy for teams to work together — even when they are separated by distance. Features such as instant messaging and video conferencing help people stay connected while working remotely. Some tools also allow external associates to join in on meetings without incurring extra fees.

Many of the best internal communication apps have free plans that are suitable for businesses with smaller budgets, while others offer additional functionality for a higher price tag. Look for options with a simple user interface so that employees can learn how to use the tool quickly. Some even offer free trials or demos that can help you gauge whether the software is a good fit before investing in it. With the right app, you can create a culture of communication that empowers your people to do their best and boost productivity. In turn, that will help your business thrive. Contact Haiilo to find out how our employee communication software can make a difference for your team.