Vases are an essential part of a well-stocked home. Not only do they add color and texture to your living space, but they can also serve as a centerpiece for a dinner party or house celebration. Luxury design vases come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit your home decor preferences.

Glass vases are often used for flowers and fruit, but they can also be a great addition to your modern living room. They are available in various styles, including tall, narrow and rectangular vases. They are also a popular choice for gift giving, especially when paired with other decorative objects such as candles and tea lights.

Crystal vases are another option for displaying flowers, and are a great way to elevate your interior design with a splash of color. They are especially attractive when filled with a single cut rose or a few blooms of colorful flowers.

Choosing the right vase is the key to bringing life to any floral arrangement. With a few simple guidelines in mind, you can select the perfect vessel for your flower bouquet.

Choose a vase that is as appealing when empty as it is when full of flowers and other floral arrangements. With a little creativity, you can create an amazing display without having to fill it with any flowers at all.

The symmetry of the vases can also make an impact, as can the contrast between the color palette and material. For example, you might pair a two-tone vase with a champagne glass for an elegant and eye-catching look that’s sure to turn heads.

Rosenthal offers a range of beautiful vases to match the style of your home. From the smallest model, the miniature vase, to the largest vases that are suitable for floor arrangements, the Rosenthal collection is packed with exclusive designs.

From classic and timeless to contemporary and innovative, there is a model for every occasion in the Rosenthal collection. Whether porcelain or glass, the designs meet the highest standards and are unique.

Decorative vase in white Carrara marble and black Marquinia satin made in Italy

A sophisticated decorative object for the home, this decorative vase is made of high quality fine marble and comes in a set of 3 parts. Each block of marble has a different vein pattern and a particular shade. This artisanal and luxurious vase is an ideal accessory for the kitchen or dining table.

Decorative vase in glass and silver-plated metal with luxury leaves, triangles or trapezoids

A decorative object for the home, this decorative vase in glass and silver-plated metal is an original piece of furniture that enhances the atmosphere of your living room, office or any other room in your home. It is an elongated and enlarged vase with removable luxury leaves, triangular or trapezoidal shapes that give a chic and refined touch to the environment.

Sculptural, minimalistic and refined, this sculptural vase is an artistic accent that adds beauty to your room. Its shape is reminiscent of a tree, with a thick trunk and many branches. vase design luxe