Bilanz Hattingen

In Hattingen, the annual Christmas Market is a very popular event for the city and its inhabitants. This year, however, the event has faced a number of problems.

Despite all the positive comments from the visitors, the number of tourists was significantly lower than in previous years. It is also noticeable that the Weihnachtsmarkte are no longer attracting as many people as in the past, says Georg Hartmann from Stadtmarketing Hattingen.

The reasons for this are many and varied. Among them are the fact that many of the participants in the festive occasion had to travel long distances, such as from Witten or Hattingen to Hattingen, and that there was no influx of families with small children.

Another problem was the inflated ticket prices, which were too high for a lot of tourists. This led to a decline in the visitor numbers and to a reduction in the number of participating vendors.

This was a big issue for the operators, because the cost of running the market would be too high without a major increase in the number of participating businesses. This meant that the profits of these companies would be lower than expected.

To avoid such a scenario, the town hall and other involved parties decided to implement an alternative solution. The idea was to establish a festive shopping street in the old part of the city.

The idea was to make the market more accessible for all – especially young people – and to encourage them to spend time in Hattingen during the festive season. To this end, it was necessary to improve the quality of the products and services offered, and to make it more attractive. In addition, it was important to ensure that the market was run in a fair and professional manner. Bilanz Hattingen