HVAC scales are vital for air conditioning installation and maintenance. They help measure the amount of refrigerant recovered from and charged into an air conditioner system. They can display pounds, ounces, or kilograms and come with a variety of different display types.

One of the best refrigerant charging scales is the Elitech LMC-200, which has a 220 pound capacity and provides accurate readings. It also offers a hard carrying case and 1-year warranty.

  1. Fieldpiece SRS2C

The first wireless refrigerant scale made specifically for the rigors of HVAC/R field service, SRS2C uses modern wireless electronics and rugged materials to perform at the high level technicians demand. Its platform is made of thick aluminum to maintain accuracy over time, while rubber pads and bumpers cushion both the tank and the scale itself. A new wireless protocol sends platform measurements to the included remote display and the Fieldpiece Job Link System Mobile App.

A bright blue backlight and flip-up magnetic ‘hat’ make the remote easy to read. A heavy-duty design eliminates clumsy wires that normally connect the display to the platform, while a recessed tank cradle and diamond plate pad hold refrigerant cylinders firmly. Push button zeroing (tare), syncing between the remote and the platform, and a 33-foot range round out the features.

The SR47’s industry-leading accuracy ensures that systems get the proper refrigerant charge. Its lightweight seven pound portability makes it easy to carry up a ladder, while the waterproof rating for both the remote and platform allow use in wet conditions.

  1. ZENY LMC-200

This refrigerant scale has a capacity of up to 220 lbs and is designed to handle even heavy-duty refrigerant containers. It features a compact design that makes it easy to carry around, and its high-visibility LCD display is easy to read. It also comes with a backlight and automatic shut-off, which helps to extend the battery life.

Another great feature of this digital refrigerant scale is its ability to measure in both metric and standard units. This feature makes it easier to compare readings and ensures that you are getting the most accurate measurement possible. The scale also has an overload detection feature that will alert you if the load is over capacity.

The Yellow Jacket 68802 Digital Refrigerant Scale is a great choice for HVAC and refrigeration professionals who need a lightweight, portable and accurate tool. This rechargeable scale is capable of measuring the weight of almost any size refrigerant container, and it features an auto-shutoff function that helps to save battery life.

  1. Mastercool 98210

The Mastercool 98210 is an electronic charging scale with Bluetooth(r) wireless technology and offers high accuracy for weighing refrigerant tanks. It has a large rugged non-slip platform for easy weighing and comes with a heavy duty carrying case that makes it portable to any job site. It can be used with any Mastercool HVAC and automotive service tools and equipment that are Bluetooth(r) enabled. The free Mastercool Connect app allows for full mobility as live activity can be easily viewed on any compatible hand-held smart device.

It has the most advanced programming capabilities for a charging scale. It includes tank capacity programming to know the amount of refrigerant remaining in a tank at any time and charge programming to allow users to program desired quantities before charging. It also has a pulse/charge function (using a 98230 Charging Solenoid Module) and repeat function to charge a previously stored quantity. It is lightweight and portable with a 40 hour battery life.

  1. Kozyvacu Electronic Refrigerant Scale

This refrigerant scale is a sturdy unit that delivers accurate ratings for the fluid while charging refrigeration systems. It can be used while installing HVAC units as well as during yearly maintenance and repair work to spot any kind of leaks. Its slip-resistant platform is easy to handle and operates on a battery that lasts long. It also has an LCD display that shows readings in kilograms, ounces, or pounds.

Refrigerant weight scales are essential tools for HVAC Technicians as they help them estimate the amount of coolant that can be added to the system. It is important for them to know how much refrigerant is being transferred so that they can bill their clients accurately. This hvac scale is one of the best in its price range and provides great accuracy. The Robinair TIF9010A is an upgraded version of the classic TIF Slimline hvac scale and offers better functionality and reliability. It features touch key controls, three display modes, auto zero, and a convenient prop for placing the control box.Best HVAC scales