CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, works in a number of ways to help with pain. It reduces inflammation and the production of inflammatory cytokines, it relieves anxiety and insomnia, and it quiets neuropathic pain, which can manifest as tingling, numbness, or sharp stabbing sensations that accompany certain conditions like arthritis.

Adding other ingredients to your CBD can also impact how it helps with your pain, but it’s important that the company is transparent about the exact dosing of those extras (like turmeric, ginger, CoQ10) and that their CBD oil is safe from heavy metals and pesticides. Lazarus Naturals wins for transparency here, because its oils come with a 90-day return policy—compared to the 30-day window that most of our picks offer.

We love this cream because it uses a combination of natural oils and herbs that have been shown to provide pain relief, including arnica extract and organic menthol. It’s also formulated with full-spectrum CBD, which may help ease pain through the “entourage effect”—the theory that CBD and THC work better together than either does on its own.

This topical contains a combination of wintergreen oil and camphor oil, which can provide warming or cooling effects depending on where you apply it. It also includes full-spectrum CBD, which may work to ease pain in the area that’s being massaged. A small 2019 study found that applying CBD topically to the jaw helped alleviate a specific type of chronic pain called fibromyalgia, which often results in widespread muscle pain and fatigue. best cbd for pain