A ai video generator is a useful tool for creating high-quality videos that aren’t time-consuming to edit. It can help a company save resources, smooth out their content creation schedule, and increase the final production value of their videos. This article will introduce functional, free AI video generator sites that can slash the amount of time it takes to go from idea to MP4.

A few of these tools provide users with baseline video templates for specific use cases such as a social media post or a slidehow explainer. These templates can be used as-is or modified to add branding, graphics and animations, and other elements that are unique to the brand. Others may automate the editing process by removing filler words, long pauses, and other unnecessary clips from a video clip. This can save a significant amount of time when editing a long video or several shorter clips together.

Some of the ai video generators on this list also analyze customer data to create personalized videos tailored to each individual customer. This helps e-commerce companies personalize their marketing campaigns and enhance customer satisfaction.

Designs AI offers several valuable features to assist content creators, including a text-to-video feature that allows users to quickly create b-roll videos with a predetermined text script. However, the quality of its AI voices leaves room for improvement and the tool doesn’t allow much customization or editing. ai video generator