Pre insulated ducting is a highly versatile solution for HVAC and building services applications. It offers significant benefits over traditional sheet metal ducts, including better energy efficiency, reduced air leakage and enhanced occupant comfort. The system is also incredibly adaptable, making it ideal for both new and existing buildings alike.

Incorporating a pre-insulated ducting system into your next project can have several advantages, from speeding up installation times to cutting overall construction costs. The integrated insulation also reduces thermal bridging and significantly improves overall energy performance and efficiency.

Traditional ducts are constructed from galvanised steel and then insulated as a second operation, which can make the process very time-consuming and labour intensive. Pre-insulated ducts are designed to eliminate this issue and can be manufactured in one step, which can significantly reduce the installation process.

Unlike traditional ducts, which are often made from mineral fibre, pre-insulated ducts use rigid closed-cell phenolic foam as the insulation. This material provides high insulation value (R-6) and is fire resistant, as well as providing good acoustic properties. The result is a lightweight product that can be transported easily and taken directly to site, where it can be fabricated in a single operation.

This can save valuable time on onsite assembly and significantly reduce the need for additional labour to install insulation and cladding. Furthermore, the insulating material is also water resistant, so it can cope with condensation and moisture without deteriorating over time. Stornch Induct offers a range of pre-insulated ducts, including round, rectangular and flat oval options. The system can be joined together at floor level and lifted and fitted in a single step, further improving installation times and reducing the amount of structural support needed. pre insulated ductwork