Are you still looking for the perfect acne care treatment? Maybe you have tried topical over-the-counter creams like benzoyl peroxide and even tea tree oil but found that they do not work well enough. You have visited your dermatologist, but you can’t deal with the side effects of his prescription. You have just about given up hope for curing your acne. Then you heard about detox diets. Modern doctors say they’re bunkum. But who cares – you’re desperate!

What Is A Detox Diet?

Detox is based on the theory that all diseases are caused by toxins in the body. They aim to clear out the toxins from your body. No more toxins equals perfect health – including no more acne! Very often, detox diets come as part and parcel of a holistic health treatment, and include lifestyle changes for maximum effectiveness.

Unlike the diets used by many female weight-watchers, a detox diet does not necessarily mean you need to go hungry. There are many types of detox diets, some of them very simple, and some which are rather complex. Unlike weight-reduction diets, the main purpose of detox diets is not to reduce calories, but to eliminate the intake of foods which can produce toxins in the body. At the same time, there may be some supplementation (with certain vitamins, minerals or herbs) to encourage the body to flush out existing toxins more quickly.

Do Detox Diets Really Work? Is There Any Proof That Detox Diets Get Rid Of Your Acne?

I cannot comment on any of the more complex detox diets being marketed today. However, I have seen the positive effects of simple, fruit-based detox diets on people I know. One of them was a businessman in his 50-s. Despite his age and stressful lifestyle (he was running his family business and at the same time building up a new MLM business), his skin was in superb condition. Every weekend, he eats only fruits and drinks only unsweetened fruit juice or plain water.

This same detox diet causes me to feel enervated, although I know it is a purely psychological reaction. After all, I’m still getting the same amount of calories! Nevertheless, I have had good effects by replacing a part of my regular carbohydrate intake with fruits. For example, instead of eating all the rice, bread, mashed potatoes or french fries, I will eat only half and replace the remaining half with fruits. I rarely have trouble with pimples nowadays.

So What Is A Good Detox Diet And How Do You Benefit From It?

Well, the weekend fruits-only and plain water diet is safe, cheap and effective. It’s also flexible – I had a few lady colleagues who only eat fruits or drink fruit juice for breakfast. On the other hand, I replace half of my daily carbohydrate intake with fruits. There were two Indian consultants at my old office – one’s a Vegan, the other only eats fruits for dinner! Both had good complexion.

Obviously, such a simple detox diet may take a bit of time to work for some people. It helps to take a more holistic approach – make sure you get some exercise and get more sleep at night as well. If you want to get rid of your acne quickly, completely, you may need to look for a properly designed holistic system of acne care treatment. Vegan lip care