Whether it’s an animated film or TV show, commercial, corporate video, podcast, or website audio, voice over is an integral part of any content. And that means it can have a huge impact on how viewers perceive your brand and engage with your content.

Having the right voice can help you deliver the tone, style, and emotion you want your content to have. Whether you want to sound friendly, technical, or anything in between, there’s a voice out there for you. Choosing the right one requires careful consideration and research, though. A few wrong choices can quickly turn your voice-over project into a disaster.

To avoid making these mistakes, read this quick guide to voice over:

When choosing a voice, keep in mind the type of content and audience you’re targeting. For example, if you’re producing a video that’s intended for international audiences, make sure your pronunciation and enunciation are spot-on. This ensures that your listeners will be able to understand your message without distraction or confusion.

Another important consideration is how your voice fits in with the company’s overall roster. Generally speaking, agencies will hire voice talent who can meet their client’s needs, so don’t try to undercut the competition by quoting lower rates.

Finally, always ask for a revision if the script needs to be tweaked or altered. It’s far easier to fix something before recording than it is afterward. This is especially true for longer pieces of content, such as corporate videos or podcasts.