A kiddush fountain, a set of silver cups that allow you to pour wine for all your Shabbat and holiday meals with one hand, is a gorgeous addition to any table. It combines a tray for the small drinking vessels and a stand that contains cunningly hidden pipes. When you empty a bottle of wine into the top, the liquid flows evenly down through the pipes to fill all your glasses.

Traditionally, the head of the household pours wine (or grape juice) into the large cup over which the Kiddush blessing is recited and distributes it to all those sitting around the table in smaller cups. It is an elegant ritual that makes the meal more special. The utensils that are used to carry out this mitzvah are important: The large cup stands as a symbol of the divine, and the small cups symbolize the community.

It is possible to use any mug as a Kiddush cup, but many people prefer an ornate silver vessel that will add beauty and a sense of luxury to the ritual. The silver is often a family heirloom, acquired from parents or grandparents and passed down to the next generation.

Some of the most popular designs are made by renowned Judaica artists, including Yair Emanuel who features bright cheerful colors and images of Jerusalem or luscious grapes in his anodized aluminum models. Others are beautifully crafted in sterling silver, often with intricate designs and filigree patterns. These are works of art in their own right and will become cherished keepsakes.