When Shabbat or a Jewish holiday arrives, it’s important to say the kiddush blessing over wine (or grape juice) before a meal. Many families have a silver kiddush cup that they pass around the table each week and enjoy a sip from.

These cups are often heirlooms or have been passed down from grandparents or parents, and they add an element of beauty to the dinner table. They also help to bring a sense of ritual and ceremony into the evening, and they can help create family memories.

There are some who say that you can use any cup for a kiddush cup, but it’s best to find one that is beautiful and easy to hold. The best ones are made in Israel and are handmade from quality materials like sterling silver or agates. They will be a joy to use and become a family heirloom over the years.

The best kiddush cups are usually not the cheapest, but buying something cheap that will break easily is not worth it. A well-made, solid silver kiddush cup will last for generations and make a statement about the values you stand for.

The most impressive kiddush cup fountains combine a tray for the glasses that serve as a baseplate, a stand with cunningly hidden pipes and a vessel into which you can pour wine. When you turn the fountain on, the wine flows into each of the small kiddush cups evenly and fills them up. It is a wonderful way to add a sense of awe and wonder to your Shabbat or Jewish holiday meal and can be a great conversation piece as well. kiddush fountain